Virgin London Marathon

The plan for John and I for this years Marathon was to try and stay ahead of other runners carrying buckets so we tried to get in to a starting pen further forward than usual as it usually takes about 15 minutes to cross the start line on the Blue start. Unfortunately the marshals were doing their job and each time we tried to ‘push in’ we were sent to the back! So, off we went caught up in the usual crush.

We met up with Robbie (Robin the Hood) at 1 mile and stayed together for the entire race. The crowds as usual were great but there didn’t seem to be quite so much money for our buckets this year. When we went past a pub with music we put our buckets down and jived, did the Can Can etc. hoping for more money. There didn’t seem to be as many Women Police Officers for John to kiss this year so that saved a bit of time! It was great running past the newly restored Cutty Sark near where our buckets were emptied for the first time.  We had a team of ‘bucket emptiers’ including Gerry & Rose from the A.I.M. Charity and their friends Sue and Dave. They hopped around the route and did a sterling job. Thanks to you all.

Unfortunately we did not get interviewed on Tower Bridge this year so no chance of being on T.V. ! Anyway, time was of the essence so we pressed on enjoying the atmosphere and seeing the faster runners heading the opposite way for a couple of miles near the Tower. It was evident that this was going to be another slow one but we kept jog/walking as best we could. After we left the Docklands we had a very heaver shower of rain which really soaked us but, fortunately, it stopped before we reached the embankment and the sun came out. By the time we reached the Mall we were nearly dry!

Our finishing time was 7 hours 12 mins 27 secs, just a few seconds quicker than last year. It was great to see Gerry & Co at the finish.

The final total in the buckets was £609, well down on previous years but, nevertheless, gratefully received by the Charity.

I have already applied to go in the ballot for 2013!

For the first time ever I didn’t go home after the race but went to North London to stay the night with friends.  The following day I went on a bus tour with the Road Runners Club around the three Olympic Marathon routes, 1908, 1948 and 2012. It was very interesting and we had a nice pub lunch. I have to say that I think the 2012 route is horrible and I will be very surprised if any of the Olympic runners enjoy the course.

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