Virgin London Marathon

Well, that’s another Marathon done and dusted and what a great time we had. The weather was perfect and Superman (John) Robin the Hood (Robbie) and I were in good spirits. We ran together entertaining the crowds on the way round and reached Tower Bridge in around 3hours 15 mins and succeeded in getting Denise Lewis to interview us along with Dig Dave Carter who happened to come along just at the moment. Sadly we did not go out on air but never mind, we still enjoyed the experience.
The second half was even slower as we were continually putting our buckets down (by the way, they were emptied every 4 or 5 miles) and dancing to entertain the crowds. Lots more money in the buckets so it was worth hanging around. Unfortnately heading for the Isle of Dogs we lost Robbie who had gone on ahead and made a ‘pit stop’ so it was just John and I until the end. Robbie finished about 10 minutes ahead of us. Two of Johns friends plus Gerry, Rose, Alan, Dave and Sue did a stirling job emptying our buckets and they also had a fun day. We finally crossed the line in 7 hours 12 mins 57 secs, happy but weary after a ‘hard day at the office’ It was nice for me to meet the gang at the finish and to travel home with them. The money still being counted but it will be well over £500 for Advance International Ministries.
Can’t wait for next year and I have already entered the ballot.

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