Two2Go Marathon

Gil and I set off at the crack of dawn for our journey to Hackney Marshes for the coach trip up to the start at St Margarets. Herts for the Marathon which runs down the Lea Valley and finishes close to the site of the Olympic Stadium.
There is oficially a 6 hour time limit and last year, as I got lost, I pulled out at 25K thinking I would not make the cut off. Therefore this year I was detemined to finish especially after the disappointment in Perth. Shortly after the start whilst running near the back of the field I met a lady called Debbie and we jog/walked the whole race together. I was really pleased not to have to run alone and I enjoyed her company. Eventually we were the last runners but because we were experienced Marathoners the organisers let us finish and we crossed the line together in 6-34. She had a couple of chums waiting for her at the end (I also knew them) and I had Gil. Mike Gratton who is involved in this race was also waiting so it was nice to have a chat with him. My total Marathon/ultras is now 136 but actually I have only done 91 Marathons so. hopefully in 2012 I will complete my 100th Marathon.
Next race is Leicester Marathon in a fortnight, hope to break 5-30!

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