RunLiverpool Marathon 9-10-11

Me and Kaja

One of my favourite cities is Liverpool and I have waited a long time for a Marathon to take place there having run the Liverpool Half in 1996. Finally, earlier this year it was announced that indeed there was to be a Marathon this year. I reckon I was one of the first people to enter. Even though the entry fee was £46 I decided that this opportunity would be too good to miss. A very nice young Polish lass, Kaja Kosla, who I met at a couple of previous events kindly offered to let me stay with her for a couple of nights. I managed to get a return train ticket for only £19-80 so I worked out well. My dear friend Elaine had also entered so we decided to run together, she was staying in a nice hotel close to the finish line. The race started in Birkenhead Park on the Wirral so on Sunday morning we joined thousands of other runners to travel by train to the Park. There we met several other 100 Marathon Club runners and we all lined up in designated ‘pens’  waiting for the start. Unfortunately, due to some problems with the Police clearing the roads, we were 45 minutes late starting but soon all this was forgotten as we ran along a really nice route on the Wirral to the Queensway Tunnel at 11 miles. Those of you who know me well will remember how much I love running in tunnels, having run the Elbe Tunnel Marathon in Hamburg several times. This one was approx. 2 miles long, it was brilliant. Earlier in the race Elaine and I had met a young lady, Emily,  who was running her first Marathon. Having done insufficient long runs she thought she would struggle to finish so we decided to help her along keeping her amused with our tales of previous adventures. When we all began to tire we jog/walked and kept going to the finish line outside the famous Liver Building. Emily was really chuffed to finish her first Marathon and Elaine and I were pleased that we were able to have helped her achieve this. One of the best city Marathons I have ever done, I would certainly recommend it. Nice medal, goody bag and t shirt so good value for the money paid  to enter.

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