Perth Ultrafest

Oh dear, race didn’t go to plan. Went o.k. for the first 10 hours (approx. 60Km) then it all fell apart. Wasn’t happy running around the dark sections of the park made worse by a gang of youths generally making a nuisance of themselves. Decided to take a short break while the police sorted the situation but felt ill and didn’t get going again. Spent half an hour in the first aid ambulance (3 young men taking care of me!). They suggested that I should pull out and sleep so that’s what I did. I was fine after a few hours sleep and a bowl of porridge. Watched the rest of the event (24 hour race) and enjoyed the rest of my time in Scotland. Stayed with great chum Alan Young in Dundee before travelling home by train on the Monday.
At least I did not wear myself out for the Marathon the following Saturday.

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