No Finish Line report

Well at last I thought I had better post something about my favourite multi day race, the No Finish Line race in Monaco.
This was my fourth visit to this event and probably the best so far. We had a nice little team from the U.K. this time. Of course our star was William Sichel and we also had Heather Foundling Hawker, Iveagh Jameson (from Ireland) Abichal Sherrington, Linsey Stewart, Elaine Oddie and of course moi.P J Monaco 2012
Great results by all with William completing 1019 kms for 2nd place and Iveagh in his first multi day race, 758 kms for 8th place overall. Abichal who is a very experienced multi day runner did 500 kms but had to leave before the end due to a commitment at home.
Heather set a U.K. record for 48 hours (sorry Heather, not sure of your distance). Linsey and Elaine both enjoyed their 24 hours and, having set a very ambitious target of 50 kms per day for myself I managed a total of 356 kms (221 miles) not quite reaching my target. Nevertheless I had a great time especially meeting up with my chums David and Andrew who live in Monaco and, of course Alan Young and Tim Rainey from U.K.who were crewing for William. Flight is now booked for 2013 but I will spend more time helping/crewing others and less time competing myself.

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