Monaco No Finish Line

I love this 8 day race having been twice before so, when I heard that chum William Sichel was running, crewed by my Scottish mate  Alan Young I couldn’t resist it for one last time. The race starts on the 12th of November but, unfortunately, due to Royal British Standard Bearers duties, I am unable to fly until Monday 14th. Unlike my previous multi day races where I did high mileage every day, this time I plan to take it fairly easy for the first couple of days the make an all out effort for a good 48 hours ( to make up for my disaster in Cologne).

As this will be me last big event ( in future I will only do a couple of long races a year) I have decided to try and raise some more money for my charity Advance International Ministries. If you would like to sponsor me follow the link to I will be visiting Kiyindi again in January, perhaps for the last time.

Thank you.

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