Mission trip to Uganda

On the morning of the 12th of January I flew out from Heathrow to Entebbe with Gerry & Rose from Advance International Ministries and their friend Steve from Peterborough.
This was my third visit to Kiyindi, the fishing village where we have set up a Christian Community and this time I was able to go for 2 weeks (previous visits were 10 and 11 days).
It was great to get away from the cold weather and to see our friends in Uganda. It was a good flight and we arrived about midnight.
We met another friend, Andrew, from Essex, at the airport and we were all picked up by Dave who lives nearby. He had offered to let us stay in his house for the night as our transport to Kiyindi was not until the following morning. Dave was a member of Kingdom Faith Church in Horsham before moving to Entebbe where he is building an hotel.
Our transport duly arrived the next morning and we headed off laden with loads of suitcases to Kampala where we had lunch while Gerry went to the bank to change to money to local currency, escorted by Pastor Dan from Kiyindi. We would be staying at Dan’s house for most of our stay together with his family, wife Faith, his own 9 children and 12 adopted people. Quite a busy community!
Once we had all settled in to our accommodation we sat down with Dan to discuss the plans for our visit, including a 4 day womens conference, led by Rose and a 2 night island hopping trip.
The following day we all walked up to the site of the school that we are building and we were shown round by Stephen, Pastor Dans eldest son, who is Headmaster of the Primary School. There are over 200 children being educated there as day pupils but it is hoped that soon the dormitories will be completed and we can then take boarders.
During my last visit we only had a day trip to one of the islands on Lake Victoria but this time we were planning to stay overnight at 2 different islands. Steve had never visited Africa before but Andrew was familiar with the culture as his wife is from Ghana and he had been there 4 times.
However, nothing can prepare you for the way of life here especially the islands.
On the first Sunday, Andrew and I visited a village church where we met Pastor Kennedy, who I had met during my last visit. Gerry and Stephen went to another church a short drive away.
Before setting off for our island crusades it was decided that we should visit the local Kingfisher Leisure resort near Jinja which had a swimming pool and a nice restaurant. Whilst we were there we went on a boat trip on Lake Victoria but although the weather was hot and sunny, we got caught in a storm and had to take shelter on a small island with a gift shop until it was safe for us to continue our journey. Quite an eventful day and it was dark when we arrived back at Dans house. As usual all the family were there to welcome us back.
Finally the day came for us to make our trip to the first island Kadinindi. Rose did not come with us as she was still teaching at the womens conference but we took the church worship team with us including all the equipment needed for the keyboard, generator etc. Loading us all on the boat was a real challenge but we eventually got underway for the journey which took about an hour. After we had been shown our accommodation there was a service in the little wooden church then, later an outdoor crusade where 8 people were saved. I shared a nice mud hut with a couple of our worship team ladies, very basic, one room with a bed and a small table and they slept on a mattress on the floor. We had taken our mosquito nets with us so no worries there. On the wall was a Manchester United poster!
Gerry had a mud hut to himself, or so he thought, but during the night he was joined by a rat that kept him awake most of the night!
The following day after breakfast, bread, eggs and bananas, we took the boat to the next island. Bukwaya, the home of Pastor William, his wife and 12 children. Again there was a church service followed by an outdoor crusade. We were blessed to have Pastor Williams house to sleep in (not sure where he went to sleep) and again we had beds with our own mosquito nets. However I was disturbed at 2-30am by a rat that decided to jump on me from the rafters soon to be followed by his friend. They took it in turns to visit Gerry, Steve, Andrew and myself and we could hear them scurrying around all night. No harm done though and we all had a laugh about it the next day. Soon it was time to load the boat up again for our return to Kiyindi, about half an hour away. Once again the whole family turned out to welcome us home.
We visited a couple of other villages where as usual the locals were pleased to see us and posed for us to take loads of photos.
We managed another visit to the Kingfisher Resort before returning home from what was another life changing experience. The children all came out to say goodbye.The return journey was a night flight and we managed to get a little sleep on the plane arriving back at Heathrow at about 6-00am. Gerry and Rose remained in Kiyindi with a few visits to other villages for a further 2 weeks and are due home on Friday 10th of February.
I would like to thank everyone that prayed for us while we were away, much appreciated by us all.
Well, I would like to visit Uganda again next year but, if the Lord wants me to go, he will have to supply the money to get me there!

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