Leicester Marathon

Just had a great weekend with Gil in Leicester. Managed to visit my cousin Peter (81 years old) who has been an athletics official most of his life and now lives in Oakham, Rutland. Also had a look around Rutland Water for the first time. From there, went on to stay with friends Geoff and Elizabeth Oliver, about 30 mins away where we stayed the night.
Sunday morning we drove to Leicester for the Marathon, Geoff was only running the half and was running home (10 miles) afterwards.
After a dull start weather soon brightened up and it became a lovely day. Although not planning to run with my good chum Elaine Oddie, at about 6 miles we found ourselves along side each other so decided to complete the race together. We had plenty to chat about so it was nice to have company as otherwise we would have both been on our own until the end. We walked a lot in the second half so crossed the line in good ‘nick’ in 6hrs 12 mins. At the finish there was a little party as one of the 100 Marathon Club ‘wannabees’ had just run his 100th Marathon and a nice group of club members had waited for us to finish. We weren’t last as another club member came in just behind us followed by 4 more ‘stragglers’. Jouney home was a nightmare with the traffic but we made it back safely.

Next one for me is a track Marathon at Milton Keynes on the 6th of November, a first for me although I have organised several.

This is all part of my preparation for the No Finish Line event in Monaco on the 20th of November. This will be my main fundraising event for this year so I have set up a Justgiving.com page (see the link). I am hoping to do 250 miles in the 8 days.

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