Goodbye to a dear friend

Poppy’s health had been deteriorating gradually since July last year when she was diagnosed with a serious heart problem. She was taking medication but was not going to get any better. Walkies were getting less and less and most of her day was spent sleeping. After Christmas it became clear that she was really slowing down and finding diffuculty getting up and down the back door steps.

We decided therefore that it was time to say goodbye but would let her have her 11th birthday on the 1st of April. The following day the vet came to the house and she passed away peacefully to the sound of Bruch’s Violin Concerto, just as Holly had done some 7 years years earlier. She was cremated and her ashes have been buried alongside Holly in our back garden.

We have got used to a dog free house now and are not planning to have another one for the forseeable future.

R.I.P. little friend.

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