The Gloucester 24 hour track race

The race took place as planned on the track at Blackbridge, Gloucester on Saturday 14th of June 2014 and it was a resounding success. We have kept the website going so that you can see how the event went with a super race report written by my great friend and P.R. man Phil Howells. The members of Gloucester A.C. that helped both before and during the race were superb.
It is not envisaged that we will be holding another race at this venue but who knows, one day…..

Gloucester 24 hour track race

Well I am really busy at the moment with a new race on the horizon. I am the Race Director for the new Gloucester 24 hour track race which is taking place on the lovely Blackbridge Jubilee athletic track in Gloucester.
On this very track in 1982 Gloucester Athletic Club member Dave Dowdle set a world record of 274.480 kms, 170 miles 974 yds which still stands as the British record.
Gloucester track
Gloucester Athletic Club have kindly agreed to host this event and it is hoped that we might attract runners from all over the world with an entry limit of 50.

The race website is and there is also a facebook page.

It is hoped that online entries will be available very soon.
If you are not able to run but can spare a few hours to come along and help this would be much appreciated. Please let me know.


I will be taking part for the 5th time in the No Finish Line 8 day race in Monaco starting on Saturday 16th of November.badge9

I personally will be running to raise money for my charity  You can sponsor me on

It would be great if, as in 2012, we could take a team from the U.K. to help support a local charity.

Details of the race can be found on www.nofinishline.comMonaco 2011

Please contact me if you are interested in coming along. There is also a 24 hour race.

If you scroll down you will find my stories from previous years.

No Finish Line report

Well at last I thought I had better post something about my favourite multi day race, the No Finish Line race in Monaco.
This was my fourth visit to this event and probably the best so far. We had a nice little team from the U.K. this time. Of course our star was William Sichel and we also had Heather Foundling Hawker, Iveagh Jameson (from Ireland) Abichal Sherrington, Linsey Stewart, Elaine Oddie and of course moi.P J Monaco 2012
Great results by all with William completing 1019 kms for 2nd place and Iveagh in his first multi day race, 758 kms for 8th place overall. Abichal who is a very experienced multi day runner did 500 kms but had to leave before the end due to a commitment at home.
Heather set a U.K. record for 48 hours (sorry Heather, not sure of your distance). Linsey and Elaine both enjoyed their 24 hours and, having set a very ambitious target of 50 kms per day for myself I managed a total of 356 kms (221 miles) not quite reaching my target. Nevertheless I had a great time especially meeting up with my chums David and Andrew who live in Monaco and, of course Alan Young and Tim Rainey from U.K.who were crewing for William. Flight is now booked for 2013 but I will spend more time helping/crewing others and less time competing myself.

No Finish Line 8 day race in Monaco

MonacoNext Friday I will be jetting off to Monaco once again for my favourite multi day race. My target is to complete 50K a day for 8 days to raise more money by sponsorship for my charity Advance International Ministries.
I shall be visiting Kiyindi, Uganda again in January so will have plenty to think about as I go round and round in circles again.
If you wish to sponsor me please follow the link on the right hand side to
Please give generously.
Thank you

The British Ultrafest

At last, after 2 years planning, I am pleased to announce that our 6 day ultrafest is well and truly on!
With the help of my good friends Alan Young and Abichal Sherrington the races will take place in August 2013.
The website is up and running
Please contact me if you would like to run or come along and help at the event.


This is an 8 day event but, unfortunately, due to Royal British Legion Standard Bearer duties, I was unable to fly until Monday 14th November.

It is a charity event where people can pay 10 euros to hire a chip (unless entered in the 8 days or 24 hours) and run, jog or walk as often as they like day or night during the week. The circuit becomes very busy in the lunch hour and early evening so at times it is very difficult to get round but you have to deal with that as best you can. Continue reading NO FINISH LINE MONACO 12-20/11/2011

Monaco No Finish Line

I love this 8 day race having been twice before so, when I heard that chum William Sichel was running, crewed by my Scottish mate  Alan Young I couldn’t resist it for one last time. The race starts on the 12th of November but, unfortunately, due to Royal British Standard Bearers duties, I am unable to fly until Monday 14th. Unlike my previous multi day races where I did high mileage every day, this time I plan to take it fairly easy for the first couple of days the make an all out effort for a good 48 hours ( to make up for my disaster in Cologne). Continue reading Monaco No Finish Line

My latest adventure – racing over the Humber Bridge

Well, those of you who know me will realise by now that I love a challenge or something a bit different so when I heard about a night 12 hour race across the Humber Bridge I couln’t resist it. So last weekend together with my good friend Elaine Oddie we motored up to Hull for the first running (excuse the pun) of this unique racewhich started on the North side of the bridge at 7-00pm so we checked in to our Premier Inn just a couple of miles from the venue at 2-00pm with the idea of grabbing a few hours kip before going to the race. We had stopped for a meal at lunch time and planned to have a snack about 5-00pm. Continue reading My latest adventure – racing over the Humber Bridge