Leicester Marathon

Just had a great weekend with Gil in Leicester. Managed to visit my cousin Peter (81 years old) who has been an athletics official most of his life and now lives in Oakham, Rutland. Also had a look around Rutland Water for the first time. From there, went on to stay with friends Geoff and Elizabeth Oliver, about 30 mins away where we stayed the night.
Sunday morning we drove to Leicester for the Marathon, Geoff was only running the half and was running home (10 miles) afterwards.
After a dull start weather soon brightened up and it became a lovely day. Although not planning to run with my good chum Elaine Oddie, at about 6 miles we found ourselves along side each other so decided to complete the race together. We had plenty to chat about so it was nice to have company as otherwise we would have both been on our own until the end. We walked a lot in the second half so crossed the line in good ‘nick’ in 6hrs 12 mins. At the finish there was a little party as one of the 100 Marathon Club ‘wannabees’ had just run his 100th Marathon and a nice group of club members had waited for us to finish. We weren’t last as another club member came in just behind us followed by 4 more ‘stragglers’. Jouney home was a nightmare with the traffic but we made it back safely.

Next one for me is a track Marathon at Milton Keynes on the 6th of November, a first for me although I have organised several.

This is all part of my preparation for the No Finish Line event in Monaco on the 20th of November. This will be my main fundraising event for this year so I have set up a Justgiving.com page (see the link). I am hoping to do 250 miles in the 8 days.

Two2Go Marathon

Gil and I set off at the crack of dawn for our journey to Hackney Marshes for the coach trip up to the start at St Margarets. Herts for the Marathon which runs down the Lea Valley and finishes close to the site of the Olympic Stadium.
There is oficially a 6 hour time limit and last year, as I got lost, I pulled out at 25K thinking I would not make the cut off. Therefore this year I was detemined to finish especially after the disappointment in Perth. Shortly after the start whilst running near the back of the field I met a lady called Debbie and we jog/walked the whole race together. I was really pleased not to have to run alone and I enjoyed her company. Eventually we were the last runners but because we were experienced Marathoners the organisers let us finish and we crossed the line together in 6-34. She had a couple of chums waiting for her at the end (I also knew them) and I had Gil. Mike Gratton who is involved in this race was also waiting so it was nice to have a chat with him. My total Marathon/ultras is now 136 but actually I have only done 91 Marathons so. hopefully in 2012 I will complete my 100th Marathon.
Next race is Leicester Marathon in a fortnight, hope to break 5-30!

Perth Ultrafest

Oh dear, race didn’t go to plan. Went o.k. for the first 10 hours (approx. 60Km) then it all fell apart. Wasn’t happy running around the dark sections of the park made worse by a gang of youths generally making a nuisance of themselves. Decided to take a short break while the police sorted the situation but felt ill and didn’t get going again. Spent half an hour in the first aid ambulance (3 young men taking care of me!). They suggested that I should pull out and sleep so that’s what I did. I was fine after a few hours sleep and a bowl of porridge. Watched the rest of the event (24 hour race) and enjoyed the rest of my time in Scotland. Stayed with great chum Alan Young in Dundee before travelling home by train on the Monday.
At least I did not wear myself out for the Marathon the following Saturday.

Perth Ultrafest

I didn’t think I would ever run another 100Km race as the time limit in the U.K. races is usually 11 hours so I was pleased to see a 100Km race combined with a 24 hour race in Perth this weekend. There is a 20 hour time limit so I am going to give it a go. Off on the train today for tomorrows race. Looking forward to running a multi lap event with lots of my ultra chums.
More to follow….

Boddington Marathon

Had a great weekend in Gloucester, where we ran the Boddington Marathon on the 19th of June.
Unusually I ran the first couple of laps with Gil (we were running 12 laps in total) then met Collette O’ Hagan from Dublin. We jog/walked together and crossed the line in 5-26-53, my best Marathon time since Hastings in December 2008. I was well pleased with that! Still need to ‘up’ the training though. Would b e nice to get closer to 5 hours again. Maybe next year, who knows.

Dartmoor mini holiday

Had a great few days with Gil in Devon where he ran his 100th Ultra at the Dartmoor Discovery race, one of his favourites. Met lots of chums there and celebrated with a cake afterwards.
Spent a couple of days with Aunty Vera then home. It was nice to be able to take Poppy with us.

Must start doing some sensible training now as I have entered the 100km race in Perth in September.

Crawley A.I.M. Charity 12 hour & Marathon 2010 Results

10 April 2010

Track 12 Hour

Eighteen athletes, including five females were set off at 7am by Race Director Pam Storey, in perfect conditions for distance running, at the K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley.
These would be joined 3 hours later by twenty four males running a Track Marathon.

George Dayantis, set off at a fast pace, which initially seemed a little too fast, but he never relinquished the lead on route to a clear victory and broke the course record by some eight miles with 88.15 miles (141.87km).

Richard Quennell a winner at last years London Tooting Bec 24 hour race, was runner up with 83.58 miles(134.51km). He will shortly be off to the World 24 Hour Championships in Brive France, to make his debut in a GBR vest.

First woman was Angie Sadler with 72.03 miles (115.92km), who had no real competition after Sharon Gayter pulled out after 5 hours.


Pos Name Club Sex Age Miles Km
1 George Dayantis Christchurch Runners M 48 88.15 141.87
2 Richard Quennell Rugby & Northamption AC M 41 83.58 134.51
3 Mark Cockbain 100 Marathon Club M 37 75.83 122.04
4 Angie Sadler Tewkesbury AC F 50 72.03 115.92
5 Kostas Anagnostou Nokat Greece M 44 64.87 104.4
6 Jeremy Smallwood Petts Wood Runners M 44 62.44 100.5
7 Peter Johnston 100 Marathon Club M 56 61.4 98.82
8 Colin Jones Barking Road Runners M 44 57.68 92.84
9 Sue Clements Enfield & Haringey F 55 52.56 84.6
10 Iain Thomson Bank of England AC M 62 50.45 81.2
11 Philip Howells Tewkesbury AC M 62 50.33 81
12 Lorraine Fraser Eastleigh RC F 54 48.28 77.7
13 James Mann Unattached M 38 44.57 71.43
14 David Rutter Brighton & Hove M 74 44.38 71.13
15 Elaine Oddie RRC F 55 38.09 61.31

Track Marathon

Twenty four athletes joined the 12 hour athletes at 10am, and from the starting gun three athletes, provided a thrilling race right through to the finish, with Tim Rainey just out pacing Luke McDonald and Walter Hill.


Pos Name Club Sex Age Time Km
1 Tim Rainey Sale Harriers M 45 03:03:05 141.87
2 Luke McDonagh RRC M 29 03:06:08 134.51
3 Walter Hill Crawley AC M 56 03:06:49 122.04
4 John Tyler Havering Joggers M 47 03:15:10 115.92
5 Paul Allen Royal Navy AC M 43 03:16:25 104.4
6 Tim Palmer Unattached M 31 03:42:10 100.5
7 Steve Mayfield Fairlands Valley Spartans M 44 03:51:43 98.82
8 John Turner Blackheath & Bromley M 59 03:52:49 92.84
9 Roger Briggs 100 Marathon Club M 61 03:53:43 84.6
10 Doug MacTaggart Burgess Hill Runners M 42 03:57:26 81.2
11 Richard Merry 100Km Association M 42 04:04:19 81
12 Andrew Dodd Orion Harriers M 45 04:07:29 77.7
13 Glen Keegan Herne Hill Harriers M 46 04:11:09 71.43
14 Jack Brooks St Albans Striders M 58 04:15:06 71.13
15 Carl Vella Haverhill RC M 35 04:15:34 61.31

This was the fifth running of the 12 hour track race with Pam Storey and her team staging a super well run event. Proceeds of the event will go to the Advance International Ministries charity, which is very close to Pam’s heart, helping the many needy children in Kiyindi, Uganda.

Download the Crawley A.I.M. Charity 12 hour & Marathon 2010 Results.pdf