My latest adventure – racing over the Humber Bridge

Well, those of you who know me will realise by now that I love a challenge or something a bit different so when I heard about a night 12 hour race across the Humber Bridge I couln’t resist it. So last weekend together with my good friend Elaine Oddie we motored up to Hull for the first running (excuse the pun) of this unique racewhich started on the North side of the bridge at 7-00pm so we checked in to our Premier Inn just a couple of miles from the venue at 2-00pm with the idea of grabbing a few hours kip before going to the race. We had stopped for a meal at lunch time and planned to have a snack about 5-00pm. Continue reading My latest adventure – racing over the Humber Bridge

Cologne 48 hour track race. 15th of July 2011

Last year, with my friend Alan Young, I helped out at the Cologne event, providing the competitors with a wide variety of goodies from the food table. I did the day shift and Alan took care of the nightime. I was so impressed with the event that I asked Wolfgang, the organiser, if I could take part this year and he said yes. It has been a long time since I have run on a cinder track (my first 24 hour race in Doncaster in June 2002) so it won’t be easy. In fact, I don’t think I will actually be running very much, mainly speed walking.
If you would like to have a look at my page you will see some photos of our kids in Uganda and also a short video of the work being done to build the school and the orphanage. (This can also be seen on the charity website – see the link).
At present we have over 200 children at the school as day pupils but, as soon as the dormitories are completed we will be able to take boarders which, of course, will generate some income.
It is estimated that we will need at least £100,000 to complete the project so if you are able to donate some money it would be very much appreciated by us and the children.

Crawley A.I.M. 6 & 12 Hour Track Race 2011 Results

Crawley A.I.M. 6 & 12 Hour Track Race 2011 Results
Twenty one athletes , including 3 females were set off at 7-00am by Race Director Pam Storey for the 12 hour track race at the K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley in perfect weather conditions for distance running.
These would be joined 3 hours later by eighteen males and 2 females running the 6 hour race. Continue reading Crawley A.I.M. 6 & 12 Hour Track Race 2011 Results

Virgin London Marathon

This year I will be running the Virgin London Marathon with Superman (John Wallace) and Robbie Wilson ( ? Robin Hood).

If anyone would like to sponsor us, my just site is still running (see link).

We will all be carrying buckets and hoping to collect £1500 minimum.

Also, if anyone can spare time to come to London to help empty our buckets please contact me.

No Finish Line, Monaco

Well, I thought it was about time that I reported on my biggest race of 2010, the 8 day No Finish Line in Monaco.
Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has sponsored me, the money has been taken to Kiyindi and will be put towards the building of the orphanage.
I flew out to Nice with my good friends Alan Young (from Dundee) and Richard Gurd (from Horsham). Alan has been to this event several times but it was Richards first time. I went in 2009 but only to ‘watch and learn’ and jog a few training runs as I had a Marathon in the U.K. the following Sunday. I loved it so much that I decided to take part in the full 8 days in 2010. Richard normally only runs Marathons so this was a whole new experience for him.
From Nice we took a bus to Monaco enjoying the ride round the mountains in nice sunny weather. Alan was sharing a portacabin for accommodation but Richard and I decided to take tents (bought from Tesco’s for a tenner each!). On arrival we pitched our tents underneath the shelter of the harbour wall and this was to become our home for the next 9 nights. That evening we went to a nice restaurant for a pizza to enjoy our last ‘civilised’ meal for several days.
Unfortunately the good weather was not to last as it became wetter and colder as the week went on.
We met several runners from previous multiday events and lots of new faces also. Great camaraderie amongst these guys.
The race was started by Princess Stephanie at 2-00pm on Saturday 20th November with not only the 50 or so 8 day competitors but also loads of local runners, joggers and walkers. The object of this event now in it’s 11th year, is to raise vast amounts of money for a local childrens hospital. All competitors hire an electronic ‘chip’ and every time they cross the mat on the 1km circuit a euro is paid to the charity by the sponsors (Royal family and banks etc). Every man, woman, child and dog (with chip on collar) seemed to be on the circuit which became quite congested. At the end of the day Richard decided that a van should come along, round everyone up, and take them to the ‘funny farm’. Little did he know that by the end of the week he would also be ‘hooked’ and wanting to complete as many laps as he could each day! Every evening we were given a hot meal and a beer but the rest of the time we were self catering. There was a ‘cookhouse’ for our use in a small tent that had a fridge freezer, two ring cooker, microwave and kettle. The supermarket was 15 mins walk away so we didn’t go hungry.
My target was at least 50km a day but I had all day to do it so I was hopeful of reaching my target. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too good and I struggled to run in the torrential rain. It was also cold and I had not taken sufficient warm kit so I eneded up walking rather than running to avoid having to wash clothes daily. This was a challenge as the wash hand basins did not have plugs. After a few days a very kind ex. pat lady offerred to take some clothes home and wash them in her machine for me. Very kind of her and she delivered them back to me the following day. One of the things I love about this event is that the locals are all so friendly and supportive.
Richard got completely into the spirit of the event and ended up doing at least a Marathon everyday. Things didn’t go so well for poor Alan who tripped on the ‘chip’ mat on the 3rd lap of day one and tore his hamstring Ouch! He rested for a while, took some photos, crewed a bit then decided he was getting bored. He then walked/jogged around but was obviously in some pain.
One of the things I like about this event is the groups of children that come out each day from the school which is situated on the circuit. The teachers just send them on their way with a chip on their shoes and a different class come out each day. For the second year running (excuse the pun) I met up with young Hugo Hakkinen who tells me his dad is a racing driver! We did a few laps together with some of his chums talking about school etc. Such well behaved and friendly children and great to be able to chat to them without worrying about the consequences!
At the end of the week my good friends Elaine Oddie and Heather Foundling-Hawker arrived to take part in the 24 hour race that started at 9-00am on the Saturday together with Abichal Watkins who had come to help Alan crew for Heather. I had promised Elaine I would go round the entire 24 hours with her day and night so we trotted off together soon to be reduced to a walk but enjoying each others company. Heather set off at a good pace looking to run 200km to qualify to run for England in the Commonwealth championships in September.
As I was behind on my daily target I assumed I would be able to make it up during the last 24 hours. Wrong! I was so tired that by the early hours of the morning I was flagging and so decided to take a couple of hours sleep at 5-00am so as to keep Elaine company for the last 2 hours of her race. When I woke up it was pouring with rain so we walked together until the end when Elaine went back to her hotel for a bath, some food and a rest before coming back to see us finish at 2-00pm. The rain eased off towards the end and after the finish we all walked one lap with Prince Albert and his entourage. Wine and snacks were served and we all congratulated each other on our achievements over the last 8 days. It was quite emotional as we had literaly lived, ate, slept and competed together which is what I love about the multi day fraternity.
I was pleased with my result of 360.844 km considering I had run very little and walked a lot but Elaine was a bit disappointed that she didn’t mange her 100km target even though she kept going for the full 24 hours and Heather also did not make her 200km. Richard clocked up 401.688km and I think he enjoyed the experience.
After the race I was blessed by being able to go with Elaine to her hotel where I had a lovely bath and a couple of hours sleep before returning to the harbour to meet the others for a meal. I then returned to Elaines Hotel with her for my last night. After Elaine went home the next morning I went back to dismantle my tent and head off to the airport with Richard, Alan and our Swiss friend Freddi. Heather had already left.
Well, it was a great event and I am really looking forward to going again next year.
I raised over £500 for Advance International Ministries and shall contine my site until after the Virgin London Marathon.

Milton Keynes Enigma track Marathon

Gil and I both ran this event recently, it was actually my first official track Marathon. Obviously having run Barry 40 three times and fourteen 24 hour track races I am used to going around in circles but it has been a while since my last track race so I really enjoyed it. The weather was perfect and I was pleased with my 5-40-54 finishing time. Legs were fine the next day so I am really looking forward now to the No Finish Line 8 day race in Monaco starting on the 20th of November. My target is 250 miles so that’s just over 50km a day. Managed it for 6 days last year so I hope the extra 2 days won’t be a problem.